Flags of Bulgaria Under the Ottoman Empire

Bulgarian Nationalist Revolutionary Flag

Nationalist Bulgaria

This flag is shown in the Sofia War Museum, in which the inscription states that the flag's label (in Bulgarian) says, "Freedom or Death!" A phrase popular with many Orthodox Christian revolutionary groups under the control of the Ottoman Empire.

Proportions: 2:3
Date Used: 19th Century
Design: A green background with the Bulgarian Lion in the center and the words "Freedom or Death!" curved around its head.

Flag of Bulgarian Volunteers in the first Serbo-Turkish War (1876-1877)

Bulgarians in the Serbo-Turkish War

The flag above was the flag used by volunteers for the Serbian Army belonging to the Bulgarian ethnicity in the Serbo-Turkish War.

Proportions: 2:3
Date Used: 1876-1877
Design: A horizontal tricolour of green, blue, and white.

Flag of The Principality of Bulgaria (1878-1908)

The Principality of Bulgaria

This was the flag of the Principality of Bulgaria, under Ottoman suzerainty. It lasted from the Congress of Berlin in 1878 until Bulgaria's full independence in 1908.

Proportions: 2:3
Date Used: 1877-1908
Design: Horizontal tricolor of red, white, and green with the coat of arms in the top left corner.

Flag of The Autonomous Province of Eastern Rumelia (1878-1885)

Eastern Rumelia

This was the flag used for the Autonomous Province of Eastern Rumelia, from 1878 when it was given autonomy from the Congress of Berlin to 1885, when it united with the Principality of Bulgaria.

Proportions: 2:3
Date Used: 1877-1885
Design: Horizontal tricolor of blue, white, and red.

Flag of The Republic of Tamrash (1878-1886)

Eastern Rumelia

The Republic of Tamrash was a short-lived Bulgarian nation in the Rhodope mountains lasting from 1878, from the Congress of Berlin to 1886, when the lands were returned to the Ottoman Empire.

Proportions: 3:5
Date Used: 1878-1886
Design: Horizontal tricolor of black, green, and red.


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