Flag of the Slovene Home Guard

Slovene Home Guard

The Slovene Home Guard (Slovene: Slovensko domobranstvo (SD); German: Slowenische Landeswehr) was a Slovene military anti-Partisan organization during the 1943-1945 German occupation of the formerly Italian-occupied Province of Ljubljana. It consisted of former Village Sentries (Slovene: Vaške straže; Italian: Guardia Civica), part of Italian-sponsored Anti-Communist Volunteer Militia, re-organized under Nazi command after the Italian Armistice.


  1. Proportions:
    • 3:5
  2. Date Used:
    • 1943-1945
  3. Design:
    • A tricolor modeled off of the 1848 Slovene Nation, with a canton atop it bearing a fascist Slovenian Eagle insignia.


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