Modern Serbian Flag

Modern Serbia

Serbia is a relatively new country, with a culture and history dating from the year circa 700 A.D. Their language, culture and subsequently their flag, are very similar. The modern nation of the Republic of Serbia was formed in 2006 after Serbia and Montenegro split apart.


  1. Name:
    • Државна застава
  2. Dimensions:
    • 2:3
  3. Date of Use:
    • 2010-2019
  4. Design:
    • A horizontal tricolor of red, blue, and white, and charged with the lesser coat of arms (Gules, an eagle displayed with two heads Argent armed Or, between two fleurs-de-lys in base Or, surmounted by an inescutcheon Gules thereon a cross between four firesteels Argent) left of the center
  5. Use:
    • National Flag

Flag Law


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